If we are to respect our earthly parents, how much more should we be expected to respect and honor our heavenly Father?  What better way to do that than to shine – for Him?

You don’t have to be off the wall and dye your hair purple to stand out in kingdom work. I mean, if you want to, go for it. It’s not necessary and not mandatory. God can do amazing things through ordinary people because that’s what He uses – plain, run-of-the-mill people. Christians do not stand out in a crowd and we don’t wear capes or fly around the city setting trains back on tracks. We just pray and wait for God to open doors for us to walk through. When the time is right, we go. We shine because He is the light that shines through us. That’s how it works.

If you know God, you know that the good works you do here are never going to be enough. Nothing we do will “get” us any higher in God’s eyes. It’s ONLY through faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary that “gets” us anywhere. On my works I can’t get to the parking lot – know what I’m sayin’???

Any “good” that is in us is a direct reaction to the goodness He gives. It’s not our “bend” to be good. In fact, it goes against everything natural to be good. We love because HE loved us first. It’s God that is good and true and perfect and faithful. Us? Hmm… not so much.

Shine today – but not that fake “put a smile on your face and grit your teeth” sort of shine (that’s annoying). Pray and ask God to shine through you. Be who you are – in HIM. That is what makes people wonder what you’ve got – and want it – and want to know Christ!

Do the best work you can do for Christ. When you pray and God opens a door, window or sunroof – go – move – DO what you’re supposed to do with the love and joy and peace in your heart that tells you that your Savior has your back and He won’t let you fall. SHINE – for HIS glory!!! ❤


Let me know what you think!!!

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