The comedic genius of Chonda Pierce has entertained and enlightened people for the last couple of decades. When my mother died in 2004, it was Chonda’s comedy that helped me get out of my “grief funk” and decide that life may be worth living after all.

Since that time I wanted to find a way to thank her. Obviously I told everyone I know about her and encouraged them to buy tickets and see shows. But I wanted to thank her personally. I know it sounds very strange, but I’m serious about that tape helping me get back into life.

Well, as God always does, HE made a way where I never dreamed there would be a way! Chonda Pierce has a facebook page. I have tried to pluck up the courage to say something to her – I mean it’s not TEAM CHONDA that posts… it’s really HER! She posts on her on facebook page! So, I’m a little shy.

Stop laughing… I am too shy. Speaking of SPANX… oh, weren’t we?

Today I read one post on her facebook page – DAVID WENT HOME. My heart sank. I’ve prayed for Chonda because they were married forever and knew each other since she was 16 years old! I mean, that’s not a love that you just get over. I asked God what I could do and He gave me these words to write.

Being kind in any way that God directs is the right thing to do. I hope in some small way this little poem helps. She helped me so much when I was grieving. She continues to help me. Does she know it? Well, no, but God knows!

In a former life I had one of those “tithe” jars too. My mom never showed up though – too funny! Let’s send up a few prayers for this sweet lady, ok?


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