These photos were posted by my friend, Jimmy Stone. I think these are his cats – I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t know a lot about Jimmy or his cats! He’s my friend on facebook. I know he’s very nice and I’m sure the cats are too.

I made up the name Kitty Lou for the adventurous little wild kitten child. When I saw the photo of the mama cat helping her little one down the tree, I was reminded of how God endowed animals with such patience with their young. It’s a patience that I wish more human mothers and fathers had with their children. Unlike the animal kingdom, adult human beings have to learn patience with children. We live in a time when learning patience is not a real priority.

No, I’m not a parent, but when I’m shopping and hear a mother screaming bloody murder at her child I just have the urge to beat the tar out of her.

What happened to our values, folks? What happened to making the raising of our children a priority? Part of making it a priority is seeing to it that you train them. There is not enough training going on. No, I’m not a parent, BUT I HAD PARENTS. How is it that my folks could straighten out my behavior without raising their voice or using foul language to get my attention? Nothing is accomplished by yelling and screaming – at anyone – ever.

If other things become more important than training up your child in the way he should go – then later on you shouldn’t ask why your child turned out the way he/she did. :-/


Let me know what you think!!!

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