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“It’s in the Book” was one of my dad’s favorites! I remember how my daddy laughed until he almost cried.

This Father’s Day I am shrouded in memories that warm and comfort my spirit. I am so grateful that God created us with minds that are able to remember the past.

Of course there are big moments, like when my dad walked me down the aisle to be married. I guess that was one of the largest moments. The times our family went to the circus, or the zoo at Riverside Park here in Wichita are special memories. We really didn’t have to be doing anything – sometimes we just had a good time sitting on our picnic table in the back yard eating watermelon.

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope. – Bill Cosby

My mom did not drive and we lived in the country. Our Avon representative was our go-to for all gifts – Father’s Day was no exception. Every year the Avon lady had a new suggestion for something my dad would just love to receive. Daddy always played his part to perfection! He never let on that he didn’t like his soap-on-a-rope!

Daddy was always gracious and kind. I loved to see him smile and I pray to God every day that I never forget what his laugh sounded like! You know that amazing feeling you get when you spray a wonderful scent into the air? That’s how I felt when I heard my father laugh! It was genuine and honest with no pretense and nothing held back. He was fun to be with and never fake or phony. I hope I inherited those same qualities.

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes. ~Gloria Naylor

I do… I really do miss my daddy. My best friend once told me that she knew I was not selfish enough to wish him back here on earth from the splendor of heaven. No, I’m not that selfish. It wouldn’t do much good to wish anyway, would it?

I know one day I will see him again. He’s busy in heaven. I need to get busy down here on earth. ❤

I hope you will enjoy this month’s steeple poem!


Happy Father’s Day!  🙂


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