I’m reminded of the song “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn.  I can’t post it, but you can go over to You Tube to watch it.

My neighbors impress me! These people know how to party! They know how to make it difficult for my husband and I to back out of our driveway – sigh. There are Father’s Day bashes going on all around us. I hear the loud music from my den, where I sit with my memories, my thoughts and my blog.

I admit being wrapped around my dad’s little finger, but in my defense, I was not a demanding daughter. I enjoy simple pleasures. I liked to play the piano and watch daddy drift off to sleep. I liked riding with him to the sand pit to get sand or gravel. My favorite thing to do with him was going to the lumber yard. Why would I like a lumber yard? I liked the sign on the building. Yep.

Daddy called the sign, SIGNEE (or maybe it’s spelled SIGNY). Either way – you get the idea – it’s SIGN with a long E sound at the end. The lumber yard was just a few miles from our house, so when we were out and about and happened to be in the neighborhood, daddy asked if I would like to drive by to visit Signee. Of course I always did!

Signee is not easy to describe, but I’ll try. It was before neon signs were so popular. Basically it was an “x” that had red/orange circles on the ends. The circles moved up and down and I guess in my young mind it looked as though the sign was doing jumping jacks! There were not too many signs that were animated back then – certainly not out in the county of Sedgwick in Wichita, Kansas in the 1960’s. It was a big deal.

I’m thankful that my dad did not discourage me from using my imagination. There are two things throughout my life he valued and encouraged: faith and imagination. 😉


Let me know what you think!!!

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