When I write a poem and then have to explain what it means – uh… never mind. A poem really should be self-explanatory in nature and apparently this one isn’t. Funny, because it’s crystal clear to me.

Maybe it’s because daisies are my favorite flower and to me they are the essence of happiness! As a matter of fact, I want daisies at my funeral, thank you very much! No carnations surrounding my casket, please! Would somebody please tell my husband because he never reads my blog posts. LOL!!!

The point of the poem is to emphasize that a positive outlook is better than a negative one. Anyone can make a mistake and say OOPSY DAISY – but when you mess up and say UPSY DAISY it means you have taken a lesson from the mistake. It says that you refuse to wear that scar and you will get back up and keep trying!

Oh – a positive outlook can take you so much further than the doom and gloom that we are all tempted to convey. For years I internalized every mistake I made and pretty soon I felt very heavy and very defeated. Shed those layers of past hurts and mistakes and in the future refuse to even put them on! Yes we all sin and yes we all have weaknesses. But hear me when I say Christ died on the cross, God raised Him from the dead, and there is not one sin or one weakness that He cannot help you overcome through His power!

This, my friends, is GOOD NEWS! In fact – this is THE GOOD NEWS – the gospel of Christ! That is the only Good News that can help you for the long haul. There are motivational speakers and people who are positive thinkers, but until you talk about the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross – until the blood of Christ is mentioned, it’s just ear-tickling. It means nothing without the whole story! 🙂


Let me know what you think!!!

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