An interesting question came up today in my facebook group, A SECOND HELPING OF WELLNESS… WITH A DASH OF HUMOR & A PINCH OF FAITH. I posted a photo for Throwback Thursday – of me in my little Bluebird uniform, standing in front of my piano teacher’s house in the late 1960’s (I think – not sure of the exact year). The question was, “Did you get to go to Bluebird camp?”

The question brought a flood of memories to my mind – some good, some bad. I was raised in a Southern Baptist home and was not always allowed to do everything my friends got to do. I was not resentful or rebellious about it when I was that young. As I got older things got more interesting, but no, I did not get to go to the Bluebird camp, but my parents let me join Bluebirds. I was not allowed to join Girl Scouts – my folks had reservations about it and I didn’t ask what they were. I was obedient and grateful to get to do a school activity.

My summers were filled with Vacation Bible School at my church. As a child, I attended and by the time I was ten years old I was helping my mom take care of the worker’s babies in the nursery. When I was twelve I was asked to play the piano for VBS. I did that for many years. Shortly after my first year playing for VBS I was asked to play for the children’s choir. Then I played for the teen group. I played for weddings, funerals and they adult choir before long. Finally I was the pianist for Sunday morning and evening services as well as pianist for children’s choir, teen group and adult choir. In other words, my plate got full very quickly at a very young age.

Let’s just keep sharing the love of Jesus! Keep giving it away!!! ❤


Let me know what you think!!!

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