Today I took a little trip back in time. I can do that because I am now officially old as dirt. If you’re young, just wait – your turn is coming! If you’re old like me, then you totally understand where I’m coming from.

The senses play tricks on us as we mature. About a week ago, I was scrolling through my news feed on facebook and saw the most beautiful photo of a lilac. My friend, Terri Boggs Rowe took the photo and I just had to ask permission to use it with a poem. She was kind to let me use the picture. It is the season for lilac bushes to look beautiful and smell awesome!

Lela and Wayne lived across the street from us. Wayne was a veteran of WWII and made his living working at a jewelry store. Lela was a very smart cookie; a no-nonsense person who did not take guff from anyone. She was friendly, but I don’t remember hearing her laugh. She was an accountant. They raised two kids – a boy and a girl. Their kids were ten years older than me, so by the time I came along, they were practically married and out of the house. Their son worked as a D.J. at our local skating rink and drove a 1956 Mustang in a sort of teal blue color. He eventually owned that skating rink and made a bundle!

Lela’s granddaughter was a year younger than me. I liked it when Mikki’s family came to visit because Mikki and I got to play. I was totally fine being an only child – I had (and have) an active and vivid imagination, but let’s face it, once in a while you just need a friend to play with.

I remember playing in Lela and Wayne’s front yard. The back yard was much larger, but for some reason we always stayed in the front. That beautifully shaped, light purple lilac bush had a marvelous scent that literally covered the entire front yard. Maybe that’s why we were so attracted… the perfume from the lilac bush.

Lela and Wayne are in the same cemetery my folks are in. I stop by there when I go to put flowers on mom and dad’s graves. I’ll never forget them; they were part of my childhood. ❤

Let me know what you think!!!

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