Grandma, mama and I used to decorate our gumdrop tree every Christmas.  It was like, “One for the tree and two for my belly…” but eventually we got it decorated.

I just have one question…  do you like spice or no spice???  Well, silly – I’m talking about gumdrops, what did you think I was talking about???  Today is GUMDROP DAY!!!

There are two gumdrop camps.  These people are very staunch in their opinions and you’re not likely to change their minds.  The first campers live in a community called SPICE.  They will hunt through shelves of gumdrops to find the spiced ones!  If they don’t find the spiced ones, they won’t settle for the ones that are not spiced – oh no!  They flag down some poor unsuspecting employee of the store and demand to be sold a bag of spiced gumdrops.  Never mind that the gumdrops are being purchased to decorate the plastic tree in the hallway and may or may not be eaten after the holiday.

The second group of campers live in a community called NO SPICE.  These people don’t like a lot of excitement in their life, and it reflects in their taste in gumdrops and jellybeans.  They will tell you they can’t STAND spiced gumdrops and will not eat them.  If they walk in a store and see only spiced gumdrops, they leave the store with their head hung low and with a chip on their shoulder, convinced that the store had a personal grudge against them.  They say, “Woe is me, I did not find my plain gumdrops.”  Sigh…

Practically no one crosses into the other camp.  I find that people are very passionate on both sides and you will not change their opinion.

It’s interesting to note when the gumdrops are used.  Many people use them to decorate at Christmas time.  They decorate their gingerbread houses and various other things.  The colorful gooey sugar balls, whether spiced or not, are usually kept in a dish for everyone to see and be tempted by.

I would say that no matter which camp you live in, gumdrops are quite yummy!  Gumdrops are a happy addition to the festivities of any celebration.  Today is the day to add them to your menu and make your table look fun and different.  😀

Let me know what you think!!!

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