Oh Lucinda! This poem cracks me up!!! If we ever meet in person, girlfriend… you’re ON! We’re gonna chase down some steeples and take some cool photos! šŸ˜‰

What might we find???

I want to begin by saying the steeple on a church building holds no special power in itself. It is just a part of the architecture of the building – nothing more – nothing less. With that said, I also want to tell you something else: The Holy Spirit can use anything and anybody He wants to communicate with His children! Lately, I have noticed steeples on churches. They do not speak to me, but God’s Holy Spirit uses them to get my attention and then HE does plenty of talking.

This “steeple mania” began a few months ago while my husband and I were on an extended road trip. It may have begun as the result of an overdose of caffeine, but remember, God can use anything! We were traveling down I-35 heading East. We were near St. Louis and I happened to look out the passenger side window of the truck. It was not a special view, rather one I had seen many times before. Something caught my attention this time. I noticed a very large steeple centered right in the middle of the scene.

God spoke. “You take these for granted because they have been among you all of your lives. Don’t you know what meaning they hold? Look where they point. It is no accident that this steeple caught your attention today. I want you to remind others to consciously seek them and listen to me speak as they do.”

I always keep my camera handy. I took a shot of that landscape, with the steeple right in the center. That is where it began. I shared what happened with my friend, Lucinda Berry Hill, and she wrote this wonderful poem. She also took the awesome photo that I used for the design.

Since that time, many conversations about steeples and churches and how awesome the power of God’s Holy Spirit is have followed. God wants us to talk about how wonderful HE is. Steeples on churches point the way to heaven. They are all around us, quietly reminding us that there is a God and He loves and cares for us so much. Let’s not take our house of worship for granted, for it could get taken away – yes, even in America. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it could not happen.

How do you feel about dreams? Are they another way for God to communicate with us? God used dreams in the Bible. I had a dream shortly after our trip back East. When I woke up, I wrote this poem. God’s Holy Spirit has something to say, not just to me, but I believe to all Christians.


Let me know what you think!!!

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