No one deserves more honor and respect from Americans than our Veterans.

Daddy in the 1940's
J.L. Turner – Veteran of WWII


My daddy was in the U.S. Navy, a WWII Veteran. He served in the Aleutian Islands. Obviously, as time marches on, fewer of these wonderful WWII Veterans are around to honor. They deserve nothing short of our best.

There’s a very sad and disturbing trend in our country these days. There seems to be no regard for anything that happened in the past. This is a dangerous place to be, for if we do not study the history of our country we will surely make the same mistakes again. We need to take more interest in the past to avoid a very slippery slope in the future.

At 7:48 a.m. on December 7, 1941, 353 Japanese fighter planes bombed U.S. air bases across the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It turned into what Franklin Delano Roosevelt called “a day that will live in infamy.” The attack happened in two waves, which lasted about 90 minutes, and in that time the Japanese succeeded in sinking or damaging 18 ships – including all eight U.S. battleships, which were a symbol of U.S. naval excellence – and destroying or damaging over 350 aircraft. And in less than two hours, the Japanese had killed 2,402 Americans and wounded 1,282 more.

The attack on Pearl Harbor stunned the U.S. Navy, which had been completely unprepared for such an event. Men aboard the U.S. ships being bombed woke up to the shrill sounds of bells and alarms and the famous message sent from the naval headquarters in Hawaii: “Air Raid Pearl Harbor. This is not a drill.”

we never forget. ❤

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