A great BIG thank you to Lucinda Berry Hill for that wonderful poem! So sweet!!! ❤

November 27, 1969 came and went as all other days do. Mama made a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and daddy and I enjoyed every bite of it! I remember helping mama clear the table before dessert. She stood in the middle of the kitchen making fake coughing noises. When she finally had daddy’s full attention, she gave him a very mischievous and playful glance over her horn-rimmed glasses as she tip-toed toward the refrigerator to remove a small paper bag. This was the official beginning of the Christmas season at our house – it was mama’s mistletoe!

Every year mama bought a fresh sprig of mistletoe from a local nursery. It was a tradition not to be trifled with, as this was serious business in the Turner household. Admittedly, the little sprig of mistletoe looked past its prime by the time Christmas was over. Regardless, it stayed right where mama hung it, over the kitchen sink, until the last ornament was taken from the tree the day after Christmas.

At 8 years old I was not actually helping with dishes yet, so my daddy would send me to the kitchen to fetch something – a napkin or the salt and pepper. When I got to the kitchen he would get a “two-fer”, from mama and me! I usually got more tickles than kisses, but it was still fun!

I remember times when I sat at the kitchen table doing homework when my daddy came home. Mama would be standing at the kitchen sink pointing at her mistletoe. What a clever woman! Daddy quickly put down his lunchbox and coat to kiss mama hello. I usually got a little peck on the head too.

As a small child, I learned that it is the tiny affections and fun times that make families healthy and happy. I grew up knowing the real meaning of Christmas, but I also grew up knowing in my heart that family fun, especially at Christmas-time, involves a little sprig of mistletoe and a lot of good old-fashioned love and commitment.

Let me know what you think!!!

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