God has blessed me with warmth throughout my life. He will continue to provide for me. Praise His Name! I’m warm and safe and dry.

I just love it when Miss Daphne and I are on the same wavelength! We are both thankful for our blankets and pillows and all that STUFF. She’s adorable!

Our first house had a wood-burning stove. It was an old-fashioned pot-belly style burner. There was one thing that drove me batty about it. When wood chips fell on to my PEACH color carpet! Yeah… that was a trip to clean! I should have chosen a more practical color of carpet – obviously it was MY BAD! LOL!

This house has a gas fireplace. There are just two comments to make about that. We only use it as needed (just the coldest of cold days) and we cry when we see our gas bill in the wintertime. Sometimes I miss that old wood burner! I’d gladly go back to cleaning the wood chips from the peach carpet!

Jesus loves children and so do I. Daphne is so right in her simplicity. I like snuggling up in a lot of blankets at night in the wintertime. There’s a certain pillow I use and get a little cranky if I have to use a different one. Blankets and pillows and all that stuff. I assume the “stuff” she refers to is her stuffed animals. I don’t have any of those (are you relieved?) but there are throws on my chairs and that probably counts as “stuff”. When I sit down in one of the recliners, I wrap up in the throw. When I get up, I throw the throw over the back of the recliner again. That’s a LOT of throwin’, isn’t it? Wink! 😉


Let me know what you think!!!

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