To keep your marriage brimming

With love in the wedding cup,

Whenever you’re wrong, admit it,

Whenever you’re right, shut up!

– Ogden Nash

What is the purpose behind celebrating a wedding anniversary? For some it means a trip around the world or some other fancy excursion to be enjoyed together. For others it may be an adventure of some other sort, like mountain climbing or white water rafting or something. No matter what you do with your spouse to mark your wedding anniversary – there is one thing to remember. It’s not what you do, but who you do it with that matters!

It’s a day made for two and should be a private time.

While I was still sleeping, he went out and got a beautiful card and Starbuck’s white mocha with a slice of their heavenly chocolate cinnamon bread! What an awesome treat to wake up to! I have always made his card by hand – and this year I ran out of templates so I started over! This year’s card looks like the one I made him for our first wedding anniversary! I don’t think he will mind at all.

Look closely, there’s a Starbuck’s on the second floor!

No, this is not a Starbuck’s in the states – it’s in Japan, I think – or maybe China.  Anyway, it’s the only public domain photo of Starbuck’s that was not crazy hung up on the copyright thing.  LOL!!!  And no, my husband did not travel to the Orient to get Starbuck’s – wink!  😉

I know that young people have the idea that once the fireworks die down you are not left with much – but that’s not true. Long term love offers a deeper and richer respect that is so much better than the fireworks of short-term love. There is a certain dependability that offers security and comfort in a relationship – and it only comes with longevity. It’s not boring – it’s reassuring. It’s like that blanket (binkie) you had when you were little – the one you don’t want to give up! It’s got a few more wrinkles now, but it is still warm and feels so good to snuggle up in.

Happy anniversary, LLP – from Mrs. LLP.

Oh… one more thing. Today is KISS AND MAKE UP DAY!!! No, I’m not making it up! I think it is so cool that this wacky holiday falls on my wedding anniversary!!! Coincidence??? I think not! Take a look at this great poem my friend Lucinda wrote for this special day!  Even if you don’t need to kiss and make up – do it anyhow! 

Let me know what you think!!!

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