This is a poem to encourage anyone who feels weak or faint of spirit. May God richly bless you in August! I’m praying for better days ahead.  I need to put the past behind me and strive to accomplish much in the days ahead.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. – Philippians 4:13

This body of mine is so frail right now, but my God is so big! He made me so He will help me manage any complication that may come along. I just have to keep walking one baby step at a time. I can do ALL things with His help, right?  I’m so thankful to God that everything went well.  I could say I’m one of the lucky ones, but I don’t “do” luck. I thank my God for once again watching over me!

Since we have such a hope, we are very bold… 2 Corinthians 3:12

When I speak of boldness, it’s not a haughty kind of self-sufficient attitude. I can have a calm assurance because the Lord is taking care of me. He knows what the future holds and He holds the future, so it’s going to be ok.

I am not a has been. I am a will be. – Lauren Bacall

I believe God has a plan and a purpose for my life. I begin every day in anticipation because I know He will make something exciting of my life. He’s given me great opportunities already and He will keep opening doors for me. There’s a reason I survived this. Now I’m going to find out what it is. First I need to rest for a while.

This is a short post, but I wanted to let you know I came through surgery alright and need to recover fully.  Please continue to pray for me. I’m beginning to get stronger but I have a way to go. This will be a long row to hoe., but I’m not in the garden alone. 

Let me know what you think!!!

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