Today we celebrate ICED TEA DAY!!! Do you know how many varieties of iced tea are available??? The variations are practically limitless. There are recipes all over the internet and more in magazines. I enjoy a nice tall glass of cranberry iced tea on hot Summer afternoons, complete with a straw and sometimes a paper umbrella. Who says a drink has to contain alcohol to be fun???

The tea I don’t recommend is the one that has Vodka or other alcohol. Long Island Iced Tea can be a treat once in a blue moon, but not something to drink every day.

Some people like the K-cup or bottled iced tea for the convenience. There are many ways to flavor your tea if you choose to make homemade iced tea. Some make a mix of tea and pink lemonade concentrate to add a bit of extra sweetness to the tea. Others prefer to put a bit of ginger, mint or tarragon in it for a more herbal flavor.

Other homemade recipes add fruit flavors such as apple, orange, strawberry, pomegranate or lemon.

While water with lemon is the best way to hydrate your body, a glass of iced tea on a hot day is quite refreshing. There are health benefits to tea as well. Studies show if you drink tea it may cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Tea is rich in flavonoids, which are most potent when tea is freshly brewed. The antioxidant in tea combined with the citric acid and vitamin C in lemon, lime or orange help to keep the flavonoids.

This is an obvious observation, but I want to caution diabetics against making tea too sweet. Even though it is carbohydrates we are mainly concerned with, we all know that sugar does raise blood glucose levels. It’s funny, but once you cut back on sugar, it is very difficult to tolerate anything with a lot of sugar in it. Just be careful when you’re making your homemade brew. For this Thai Iced Tea recipe I would substitute the SUGAR with either SPLENDA or STEVIA.

Plan to kick back and relax with a tall cool bottle or glass of iced tea today!!!    🙂

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