Saturday is a day to be happy because the work week is over. So today’s wacky holiday should not be difficult to celebrate. Today is UPSY DAISY DAY!!!  Today’s challenge is to think positively and face every task with a good attitude.

I actually had an Upsy Daisy tea party for my 50th birthday. The day could have been a depressing exercise in self-pity, but with a few phone calls and some daisy decorations, it turned into one of the most fun days in recent memory. Happiness really is as simple as mind over matter.

If you decide to be happy – you will be happy. One of my aunts used to tell me to stick a feather in my cap and be happy. I spent too much time trying to understand the literal meaning of that statement. It was just her way of telling me to lighten up and take life with a grain of salt.

So just for today – put a positive spin on everything. If Saturday is the day you have to do all the chores you don’t get to do through the week, try to have a good outlook about it. Be thankful you have a washing machine and don’t have to go down to the river with your clothes and beat them on a rock to wash them.

I’m not condoning a “name it and claim it” mentality. God is still God – and I’m still NOT God. Even when things are not coming up roses, I can still have a positive attitude. God will not make the pathway smooth simply because I stay positive, but it’s my faith in HIM that makes things better. Get it?

That being said… a happy mind is a healthy mind. A healthy mind is generally followed with a healthy body. It’s all connected.

As a man thinketh, so is he. – Proverbs 23:7

More UPSY, less OOPSY…  🙂

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