Some special holidays are to be enjoyed with wild abandon, while others need to have a voice of common sense and moderation inserted. Let me be that voice. Today is NATIONAL ROCKY ROAD DAY!!!

 Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.  – Jim Fiebig

On this date in 1929, Mr. William Dreyer came up with a new flavor of ice cream and it sold like crazy – Rocky Road! The texture and crunch of this ice cream became so popular and is still one of the biggest sellers that Dreyer’s carries. Something good did come from the Depression era, huh??? Rocky Road is traditionally chocolate ice cream, marshmallows and nuts. When Mr. Dreyer made that first batch of Rocky Road he used chopped walnuts, but now they use almonds.

Here’s where the voice of reason comes in. For just one cup of Rocky Road Ice Cream you get:

300 calories
16g fat
8g saturated fat
30mg cholesterol
90mg sodium
40g carbohydrate
34g sugar

So… maybe 1/2 cup would be a better idea. You can celebrate – you just can’t eat a lot of “real” Rocky Road ice cream. Obviously there are also low-sugar and low-carb varieties. There is a way around the dreaded WEIGHT BOMB!!!

Ice cream is happiness condensed.  – Jessi Lane Adams

If you eat too much “real” Rocky Road ice cream and you will find out what a rocky road REALLY is – especially if you are diabetic!  I don’t like it when my jeans suddenly don’t fit either.  You can only blame the dryer for shrinking them so many times.

Here’s the recipe for the real deal…  use responsibly.


Enjoy some Rocky Road ice cream in moderation today. It’s ok… don’t deny yourself. Just be smart about it. ❤

Let me know what you think!!!

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