My mom has been in heaven for almost 9 years and I miss her so very much.  She was more than just my mom – she was my best friend.

The other day I was looking around at the little things of hers that I treasure. In the corner of my basement is grandpa Frank’s rocking chair and mama’s sweater hanging on it. That sweater brings back so many memories. Mom wore it when she felt cold, so it went everywhere with her. It was the sweater she depended on and wore with everything.


It had a strong scent of sweet pea when I first got it, but through the years it has faded. I keep most of my mom’s things in that corner. Her rocking chair, sweater, quilt and candy dish make a lovely display and they make me smile.

Nothing will ever take the place of having my mother’s arms around me, but when I put her sweater on and sit in the rocking chair, it’s the next best thing. I gave her hugs while she wore that sweater many times, so feeling that sweater against my skin feels almost like getting a hug from my mom.

Our senses are amazing and trigger all sorts of emotions. I know mama’s busy doing important things in heaven, but that’s okay because I know she is happy there. She’s getting hugs from Jesus and that’s awesome! Happy Mother’s Day in heaven, mom!

Give daddy and the kiddos big hugs for me.  Tell them I love ’em.

Another Mother’s Day is here, bringing joy and pleasures new.

On this special day, Mother dear, I want to remember you.

I cannot give you costly gifts, and I’ve told you this before,

No matter what I give to you, You give back much, much more.

I’m giving you a pure, sweet rose, gathered in the early morn;

This rose you planted in my heart, the day that I was born.

In kindly, loving thoughts of you, and with the faith you still impart,

The rose I give to you today, is the love that’s in my heart.

I love you, mama! I miss you every day in a gazillion different ways. Muah!!!

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