Have you ever wondered about the history of pizza?

Chicago style or New York???  We’ll start with Chicago style.

Chicago-style pizza is typically a deep-dish variety baked in a specialized, round pan that looks much like one used for baking a cake, about 1 1/2 inches deep.  The pan gives the pizza its high edge and a deep surface for large amounts of cheese and chunky tomato sauce.

It just so happens that today is NATIONAL DEEP DISH PIZZA DAY!  That’s not something I can indulge in much anymore because there are just a ton of carbohydrates in the crust, but if I was able to eat it I definitely would.  I’d choose the Chicago-style too, for sure!

Now for the New York style.

New York-style pizza is a larger, hand-tossed, thin-crust pie.  It’s usually sold in wide slices to go.  There is not as much tomato sauce and has a more crisp crust along the edge, yet it is soft and pliable.

Since I have to be careful to count carbs, I go for the thin crust pizzas.  The first slice of pizza I ever ate was from Godfather’s Pizza back in the early 1970’s with some friends from a church group.  It was a Chicago-style deep dish pizza and it was amazing!

The longer I deal with Diabetes, the more balance I seek between food and exercise.  I have to work off what I eat or those carbs will play havoc with my health.  Once in a blue moon I have something that is usually off-limits…  say – a slice of deep dish pizza.  Instead of spending time beating myself up over it, I use that time to exercise and burn some of it off.

As long as I live there will be food temptations all around me.  I have to choose my “cheats” wisely.  I can’t just fall off the wagon every day, but I’m not going to live as though deep dish pizza does not exist either.

I’m so much more particular about the food I eat than I used to be – because I have to be picky.  When I get one slice of deep dish pizza, it had better be perfect.  I don’t like the crust too brown.  I don’t like pepperoni but I will eat Canadian Bacon.  The sauce needs to be a bit tangy – not too sweet, and the cheese needs to be evenly distributed with some on my piece.  I only get one slice – so it had better be just the way I like it.  😉


Let me know what you think!!!

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